Real Estate Jobs In South Africa

Real Estate JobsReal estate jobs are real estate jobs, right? Well not always. A lot depends on the real estate company that you work with. It can make a big difference.

We’d like to tell you about a real estate company that offers great jobs in real estate. This company has been highly successful in the US and has recently expanded to South Africa.

We started our real estate careers more than 10 years ago as an independent company. We did well on our own, but it was not until we joined Keller Williams Realty that things really started to move. Over the past year, we have quadrupled our revenue.

What makes Keller Williams different from other real estate companies?

Real Estate Jobs with Keller Williams

 Unless you are already a seasoned real estate agent, when you first start your job in real estate, you will need training. Many real estate companies offer good training. Keller Williams offers great training.

A good real estate company should offer real estate agents the best technology to provide the best service. Keller Williams is constantly developing cutting-edge technology to help their agents succeed.

There is one thing that Keller Williams offers that nobody else offers. Profit-sharing. We call it our retirement plan.

Keller Williams real estate agents build teams of productive agents. About 50% of team profits are returned to the team. This can result in a very lucrative income stream to you for life, even AFTER you retire. This is why we call it our retirement plan.

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